No, we do not carry inventory of homes or do any spec building. All of our projects are custom builds for specific clients.

No, we do not have any land for sale. Most of our clients come to us with land already purchased and ready to build on, or with a home they plan to remodel or add on to. If you are a new client and looking for land, we are more than happy to assist in that search, help evaluate property for building sites specific to the type of project you want, and coordinate with colleagues to help facilitate the land purchase.
It is difficult, if not impossible, to estimate a standard cost per square foot to build. Cost per square foot is directly dependent on the type of home and the materials, finishes, and fixtures chosen by the client. We have built small homes that cost approximately $100 per square foot, and we have also built elaborate homes that cost upwards of $300 per square foot. The average client we work with has a cost per square foot of anywhere between $125 and $175. After getting to know an individual client and their needs and wants and evaluating the size of home, style, and finishes they plan to use, we are able to provide a much more narrow square foot price estimate.
We do not offer any in house financing. We work with all types of banks and mortgage companies and also work with cash clients as well. If you are in need of construction financing and do not currently have someone to work with or may be are new to the area, we can help you find a financing option that suits your needs.
No, we are a custom builder which means if you have a project, no matter how large or small, we can do it. We have built multi-million dollar homes, added on sunrooms and decks, remodeled kitchens, added on master suites, remodeled a whole house, built homes that cost $150k and homes that cost $900k, small garages, carriage houses, churches, church additions, banks, fire houses, office buildings, commercial remodels and additions, and so much more.
We can design plans, modify plans, or build from architect supplied plans. If you already have the perfect plan, great! If you keep finding plans you like bits and pieces of, but just can’t seem to find the perfect one, we can help design one with all the elements you love to create the home of your dreams!
YES! We do not choose these things for you, nor do we put together “packages” and limit your selections. Once we get to know you and your style, we will help to set allowances that fit within your overall budget, but allow you to control the selections you make. Allowances are set for items such as, but not limited to: plumbing and electrical fixtures; cabinets, vanities, and countertops; carpet, wood, or tile; hardware; custom door and window selections if necessary; appliances; and any other unique selection you want to be part of.
There are certain suppliers we work with on a regular basis for things like plumbing and electrical fixtures, cabinetry and countertops, and flooring, however, with a custom build, we are open to any suppliers you are interested in or have previous experience with. We want to make sure any supplier or manufacturer is reputable, stands behind their products, and offers the exceptional service we expect in our business for you as the client. We can guide you step by step in this process, meet with you and suppliers to help make selections, and will make sure that any selection you make matches the quality you desire and expect in your project.
The most important part of ensuring we stay in budget is setting realistic allowances and adhering to those. If the finishes and fixtures you love are out of budget from the beginning, we will either help you select a different style or design or find a way to modify other parts of your project to make sure you are getting exactly what you want. If we know a particular selection will not fit in your budget, we will not hesitate to make you aware and make a different recommendation.
Once construction has begun, changes are inevitable. The most important part of dealing with changes is ensuring we stay within budget, they don’t negatively affect the design, and they don’t stall progress for an excessive period of time. After working with clients on custom projects for over 40 years, we know once the construction is underway and you can physically walk through the walls of your home or project, new ideas will surface. Whether it’s moving a wall location, adding a window or changing a window size, changing from carpet to wood flooring, adding recessed lights, changing the color of shingles, or any other change imaginable, we have seen it! If a change you make involves an addition in cost to the project, or a deletion in cost to the project, we will issue a change order before any materials are ordered and any work begins, to make sure it is approved by all parties involved.
Depending on the size of a custom project, and just how “custom” that project is, construction could take anywhere from 6 to 18 months on average to complete. A smaller addition or remodel may take anywhere from 4 weeks to 4 months depending on size. Timing on a custom project is largely dependent on weather, time of year construction begins, change orders, special order materials, and any unforeseen issues (more often dealt with in remodels).
We provide a one year warranty and guarantee on all materials and workmanship in the home. All manufacturer warranties and guarantees that are longer than that will also apply. After working with clients for over 40 years on their custom projects, it isn’t just a warranty to us. We take personal pride in the homes we build and treat them as if they are our own. This is why many clients stay in touch with us and continue to use us for additions, repairs, and upgrades for years to come. We love our clients and the uniqueness of each and every project we build. There is no greater compliment than the frequent phone calls we get from previous clients either requesting our help with another project or referring a friend or family member.